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I'm Engaged, Now What?!

Imagine, the man of your dreams has just gotten down on one knee and asked you to be his wife. You are speechless, there is a flood of emotions rushing over you and you can not help but squeal when you look down at your left hand. The rest of the day is a blur. Family and friends join you in celebration and you hold tight to your fiancé. Also, you say fiancé every chance you get, because why would you not??? Later when you finally settle into your warm bed, in between soaking in the day and debating on sleeping with your new bling on, fear of all of the decisions ahead starts to seep in.

Whether you have dreamed of your big day your whole life or you have no idea where to even begin, the details of wedding planning can be daunting for any new bride to be. The moment a ring gets placed on your left hand you will constantly be told to “Enjoy this season” “Soak in every moment with your fiancé” “You will only experience this one”. Everyone who tells you this is absolutely without a doubt correct. But, let’s be completely honest. It is hard to soak in the moment’s when there are so many decisions to be made. The season of engagement is beautiful but also daunting. You are not just focused on the wedding day but the marriage you will be building together.

That is where I come in! I am here to help you, to be your advocate, your extra set of eyes and ears, for all things wedding planning. Until you are in the weeds of planning a wedding you truly do not understand how many details there are. Personally, seeing all the tiny details of a bride & groom's big day come together gives me so much joy! One of the biggest perks of hiring a planner for your wedding is you get the opportunity to do exactly what everyone advises you to do, enjoy your engagement season. You get to spend that time with your fiancé preparing for marriage and not stressing over those little details. As your wedding planner, I am essentially your walking Pinterest Board and right-hand woman. I am by your side from the day we start planning until the end of your reception. I can help with literally anything you need and all those little things that you don’t even know you will need yet. I am your person, your advocate. Whether with vendors, friends, or family you will have me on your side.

The thing is I have been in your shoes, I know that while this is an overwhelming beautiful time in your life, it is still simply overwhelming at times. I am here to quell all of your stress so that when your big day arrives you can wake up enjoy getting ready, take in every single second, and meet your man at the end of the aisle with nothing but peace.

Let me plan your wedding so you can focus on the most important thing of all, your marriage.

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